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Meet your Team

Mariah Gillaspie


Amber Reynolds


Lindsey Caley


As Mama's to our own unique kiddos living with special needs and disabilities, we are passionate about leading an inclusive, positive, and supportive community of fellow mothers who can share in their journey together.

We are proud to serve as the

Colorado Mama Tribe Board of Directors!

Love, Mariah, Amber and Lindsey

What's with all the Elephants?

You may have noticed a lot of Elephant references throughout our organization. And in fact we lovingly refer to ourselves as "Elephant Mamas" 

Are you wondering why?? 

Well...In the wild, Female Elephants are fierce & protective. When one of their sisters is suffering, they circle around her, even kicking up dirt to mask her vulnerable scent from her predator's


We are the same. We are protectors. Sometimes we are in the middle. Sometimes we are the ones kicking up dirt.

But the circle remains. 

Origin Story

In the Fall of 2021, the original wine night Facebook group was created in an attempt to bring together the large, but disconnected community of special needs moms around Denver, Colorado. There were six women at the first get together, and within a year there were over 100 women in the Facebook group.


It was obvious there was an unmet need in our community!


The founders of Colorado Mama Tribe were determined to fill that need and after the first annual Colorado Mama Tribe Retreat ended as a huge success, they got to work making it official.

Colorado Mama Tribe was incorporated in April of 2022 and received its 501c3 status soon after. 

This little idea has grown into a big dream with a HUGE vision in which no special needs mother has to feel alone or unsupported!

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