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The mission of Colorado Mama Tribe to provide support, resources, and community to women raising children with special needs in the Colorado Area.

About Us

It started as a small monthly wine night....Its grown into a community of women who lift each other up through tears and laughs as we each navigate a unique journey of parenting children with special needs

Being a caregiver to someone with disabilities can be extremely isolating. Here at Colorado Mama Tribe, we believe our unique lifestyle is something that connects us, and we are excited to build strong friendships and community with fellow moms walking in our shoes so we all feel supported and less alone in our journey.

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Colorado Mama Tribe hosts many events, such as:

  • Monthly Social Events

  • Active online support group

  • Holiday Events

  • Yearly Weekend Retreats

  • Hospital Care Packages




Colorado Mama Tribe is a nonprofit 501c3 raising funds to provide mothers of special needs children with much needed support and time to recharge. Your monetary or in-kind contribution will allow women raising special needs children the ability to find friendship and community, to have respite from their stressful day to day lives, and maintain their self-wellness and mental health. 

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"There is something truly special about taking the leap and moving to a state where you don't know anyone...especially when you have not one but two special needs kiddos. I remember my first Colorado Mama Tribe event and I am SO THANKFUL to have found them.

We all take each other under our wing. Our situations may not be the same, but they are alike. And no one understands our day-in and day-out like a fellow special needs mama!"

- Kelcey Lataquin, Mom to Elephant Kiddos Rylan & Liam

Join our (Elephant) Tribe

Colorado Mama Tribe is a community of women raising children with a variety of special needs. Our community consists of mothers raising children with severe medical complexities, rare genetic conditions, birth injuries, Autism/ASD, etc. If you have a child with disabilities and are seeking community and support, we hope you JOIN US! 

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